Language industry research

Deep dive into local markets for translation and localization services - Russia

Company directory with revenue, technology and pricing data for 250+ LSPs

United Kingdom language industry research

Commissioned by the Association of Translation Companies (ATC), this is an annual survey of language service businesses in the United Kingdom, complete with an ebook, a conference talk and a webinar. Presented in Language Industry Summit 2016 in London.

First in-depth investigation of the French translation industry

Run in partnership with Chambre Nationale des Entreprises de Traduction (CNET), this is a study that uses a survey of translation companies, a database of fiscal data and interview series. Presented at Sommet de la Traduction 2016 in Paris.

For Translation Company Associations

Launch a research project in your local market

Get an overview of language business in your region from a specialist agency. The research leverages a professional survey, an interview series with top entrepreneurs, and fiscal data if it is available from the national registry. Distribute the findings as .pdf/.pptx, run a webinar, host a live presentation at your regional conference.

Engage member companies

Attract new members

Start dialogue with your government based on data

Build your expert platform

For Translation Technology Vendors and Certification Providers

Reach local LSPs with your offer, get warm leads

Build awareness with translation companies that don’t go to international language industry conferences, build engagement and promote via content that matters to them. You can embed your call-to-action buttons into surveys and email blasts that we send to your potential customers in European markets. Get contact information of 15-25 translation company managers willing to hear more about your product.

Reach more translation companies

Build awareness in local markets

Get leads

Understand your market share

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